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KM SOUNDS Silver Plated cooper wires RCA Digital Co-Axial Interconnect



To transmit digitalized signals from a CD-player to a DAT ( Digital Audio Tape ) - recorder , especially cables are necessary.

Building up this digital-/audio/ coaxial cable this special requirement has been meet :
* EC/SPDiF interface standard
* utmost quality due to inner conductor and screen made of sliver plated cooper wires
* extremely short impulse rates and lowest values for  capacitance due to a Cell-PE-insulation
*characteristic impedance of 75Ω with tight tolerances
* screening efficiency >85 dB eliminates electro - magnetic disturbances
* the outer diameter fits for commercially available cinch resp. XLR connectors

THIS cord may be used as a high - quality analogue and digital interlink .  

Phono (RCA) Plugs Professional Grade Heavy Duty Lockable
These high quality, all metal phono plugs come with gold-plated contacts and are designed to be used with high quality audio components and professional applications for optimum sonic performance!

The phono (RCA) plugs on offer are constructed from a black metal shell and gold-plated metal connector and accept cable up to 9mm diameter; incorporating cable clamping, ensuring a consistently high level of performance and connectivity.

Type  = connection acc. to IEC/SPDiF interface

Product no. PVC 1079
Inner conductor :  Ø (mm) 0.9 Cu ag
Insulation :Ø (mm) 4.0 Cell -PE
1st screen : double coated Al -foil
2nd screen : Braiding Cu ag
Optical coverage (%) : approx 90%
Overall diametre : (mm) 6.15

Electrical properties
Characteristic impedance (Ω) : 75+/- 5
Capacitance (approx. pF/m) : 55
Velocity of propagation  (v/c) :0.81
Attenuation  dB/100m : 1MHz ---> 0.8   3MHz--->1.3        10MHZ --> 2.5
D.C. resistance - Inner conductor <30 Ω/km
   - Outer conductor <10 Ω/km

Screening efficiency
Transfer impedance : ( mΩ/m ) <5
Screening attenuation dB (f=30-1000MHz ) : >85

Mechanical properties
Min. bending radius (approx. mm): 65
Weight (approx. kg/km) : 53

Cu-copper        ag - silver plated      sn - tinned

If you require any specific length please do not hesitate to email us.  

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