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4 x SORBOTHANE isolating feet Ø38mm x 25 mm with lock nuts


* Ideal for Bench top Vibration Isolation

* Can be fitted to base of test equipment

* Use extra mounts load capacity

The Sorbothane Mounting Feet provide a passive isolation solution for workbench-mounted breadboards. They can also be used to isolate noisy equipment from the optical table or breadboard surface. These solid Sorbothane feet do not require inflation.

The ideal load capacity (per mount/ per feet ) is 3 to 33 lbs (1,4 to 15 kg). For heavier loads, simply use additional mounts. To achieve optimal isolation, use the mounts as close to the maximum load as possible.

Note that these feet may have silicon residue on their surface from the molding process. To remove the residue, wipe the feet down with Methylene Chloride.

Sorbothane is a synthetic visco-elastic material with a relaxation time of two seconds. This allows Sorbothane to absorb up to 95.5% of impact energy, making it ideal for vibration and acoustic isolation. For applications that are sensitive to vibration, Sorbothane can be used to dampen the vibrational transmission from vibrating hardware or other sources of vibrational contamination.


• Overall length 35 mm

• Diameter 38mm

• Length of thread 10 mm

• Thread M6


• Diameter 30mm

• Thickness 4mm

Load Capacity (Set of Four ) : 12 lbs to lbs 132 lbs / 5.6kg  to 60 kg

Resonant Frequency: 15 Hz

Transmissibility at Resonance : 5.6 dB / (1.914 Ratio)

Durometer : 70