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4 x KM SOUNDS WOBBLE isolating feet with CERAMIC BALL KM-WCB-40 for turntables


Our NEWEST high quality WOBBLY  ISOLATING FEET with ceramic ball  - KM-WCB-40

For all types of audio equipment e.i. turntables, isolating platforms ,amplifiers .
WOBBLY FEET has been optimized for maximum effective vibration damping in the range up to 180 Hz. The solutions applied are based on the effect of horizontal bearing with the use of ceramic elements and the use of elastomers for effective damping of vertical vibrations. Both the mechanical solution and the materials used, including silencers of various degrees of density, ensure high efficiency of the pad work and a significant impact on improving the sound quality.
Ceramic Ball not only gives extraordinary look to this astonishing feet but mainly gives an outstanding performance to the sound! Ceramic have a clearly positive effect on the sound system . It adds music purity and clarity, improve spaciousness ( great stabilize virtual sources in space) and clarity . Improves control sounds. They are predictable - in various types of equipment behave similarly , although the scale of influence can be varied .Sound is more coherent, homogenous, less plastic and simple,  it removes  load of parasitic artifacts. Has good properties of electrically insulating nonmagnetic .
There is no need for screws ,you can just place the feet under your equipment . If you are not sure you can still screw it in with M6 bolt. 

Can be used for light weight or heavy weight equipment with no risk of damage

• Overall length - 26 mm
• Thread - M6
• Diameter - 40 mm